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Everyone is wearing these nowadays, plus they are the next big thing in fashion. They are supremely stylish and incredibly functional as well. If you’re reading this and are in two minds (just like my mother) whether to invest in one or not, I’m sure you will be convinced by the end of it.
What Is A Bralette?
It is a crop-top-like looking bra, which is a hybrid between a sports and lace bra, without the hook and eye closure. It is basically a pull-on, more often than not without an underwire! It’s a fancy variant of bras that doubles up as a top too. Talk about value for money.
How To Wear A Bralette?
Wearing a bralette is no different than wearing your bra, but the opposite is not true. And, there’s more than one correct way of wearing a bralette. You can wear them under your sheer, fancy or see through tops, under backless tops or dresses, broad front or back neck outfits or simply under your regular outfits the day you want to feel good.
Make your winter evenings a little more fun by wearing a bralette under your cashmere sweater. Skip the scarf and let the lace outline the deep neck of yours.
Pair your high-waisted jeans with a bralette. Also, the advantage of high-waisted jeans is that it suits all body types. If you are still not comfortable, throw on a shrug, cape or a jacket.
Wondering how to style a sheer white silk shirt that was more of an impulsive purchase? Most of us are not comfortable with the idea of wearing see through tops, yet end up buying them. That’s when the bralette becomes your savior. You can experiment with either plain or neon colors inside. Throw on a matching statement piece and shoes for a funky look.
High waisted skirts can be tricky because long tops can look funny if not worn well. So, if you are bored with those crop tops and tanks, you need to upgrade to a bralette.
If you’re trying to convince me that bralettes are not your thing and it’s too out there for your taste, I would say, add layers, and we’ll resume this discussion. It could be a plaid, chambray or a checkered shirt; it could be a denim jacket or fur – keep it funky, and there’s nothing like it.
Sports bras and racer backs have always been a thing for workouts or gym. But, try the bralette to make your hike or run stylish and fun. You can even wear it to the gym. After all, we need to treat ourselves for all the hard work!
Backless dresses or tops are tricky because some of us are just not comfortable with the idea of a stick on bra. Here’s your workaround. Bralettes are supportive and stylish. Talk about investing in functional pieces of clothing.
Now that you know how to style that backless dress, deep neck top, etc., all your bra woes and ambiguities have been taken care of.
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